Vintage Cupcake

The Hounds of Baskerville tonight. My least watched episode… tonight will only be my 5th time haha
Sitting in toy boxes are fun
This album came out nearly a decade ago… I feel old
My attempt at cheering myself up!
From Emmie’s birthday, now pride of place on my Nan’s mantle
2 things I fail at capturing to their greatest capacity: Emmie’s beautiful smile, and her gorgeous skinny jeans
It’s not clear here but she was wearing her sockies up to her knees and it was the cutest
I guess this is why teachers tell you to cover your books. This was wrapped in brown paper, and when I looked underneath the front leather is in the most amazing condition. Not bad for 86 years old!
Me: “Excuse me, how much for these?”
Gentleman: “oh, I don’t know. We haven’t actually priced them yet. So… a fiver?”
😵 I love Largs’ bookshop.